Marc Matt
Marc Matt
After his studies Marc Matt worked for several years at an Internet Service Provider and a Telecommunication company as a Business Intelligence Analyst. Here he got deep insights into data analysis, datawarehouse conception and especially data mininig. This experience was deepened working at a direct marketing company, where he was responsible for campaign management and targetgroup and affinity analysis. Progressing from there he worked at a dialog marketing company, where he got insights into all processes of mailorder companies. Here he was responsible for datawarehousing and customer relationship analysis.
His next stop was in the finance industry where he help establishing a decision management system. He was responsible for designing the data warehouse and data quality. Besides that he designed business rules for mailorder companies. Here he got into contact with all major german credit information companies and their risk management solutions.
After that he started working at a company running several social networking websites, where he is responsible for designing the datawarehouse and uncovering the potential of all data source available, from structured data to unstructured.

In the last several years Marc finally decided to found a company and provide his services to clients all over the world. The main focus of this company is data engineering and IOT services.
His career so far made it possible to have a look at the potential of analysis and data mining over a broad range of industries and data sources. He has expirience from customer relationship management in several industries to optimizing the aquisition of new customers through data mining. He can sqeeze information and knowledge from all available kinds of data to optimize processes in a company.

Visit his homepage,his company or profile at XING and LinkedIn.


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